Electric Vehicle home chargepoint installation

Do you qualify for an OLEV EV home charger grant?

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Approved Installer for

EV Box - Approved Installer in WarwickshireOhme - Approved Installer in WarwickshireAndersen - Approved Installer in WarwickshireGARO - Approved Installer in Warwickshire
Wallbox - Approved Installer in WarwickshireABB - Approved Installer in WarwickshireProject EV - Approved Installer in WarwickshireMy Energi - Approved Installer in WarwickshireSync EV - Approved Installer in WarwickshireSevadis - Approved Installer in Warwickshire

EO Mini Pro 2

Suitable for the OLEV grant


World’s smallest smart charger, perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver.


Manage, monitor and schedule your charging sessions with the EO Smart Home App.


Home power balancing ready. Plus a locking feature to prevent others from using your charger.

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Not eligible for OLEV grant

EO Basic

It’s simple - plug & charge


A simple, plug & charge solution perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver.


Available with a universal socket or Type 1 or Type 2 tethered.

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What is the OLEV grant?


EVHS 4740

WCS 4740

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