EV Charging Maintenance

It is likely as with any other electronic or electrical device that at some point, you will experience a fault or problem that will prevent you from using the charger. Try and choose a company to install the charger which also offers after-sales service; EV chargers relatively new product but a fledging industry especially for service and repair.

I can offer ongoing maintenance options as faults are not always apparent and because the unit external to the home, they can be vulnerable to weathering and other issues.

Because the unit experiences a mains voltage throughput, it is not recommended that householders deal with any repair or maintenance issues themselves.

Annual safety test and maintenance of your EV charging station

An annual maintenance contract offers peace of mind that if there is a problem with the EV charger, you can get it fixed quickly. Householders feel vulnerable with this new technology and want the ease of knowing that they can always use the car and not have any interference with their daily driving habits. A typically comprehensive package would offer the following:

DIY repairs

Because the charge point is an electrical device, it is not recommended that any householder tries to undertake DIY EV charger repairs as this could prove very dangerous. It is always worth having a spare charging cable as these often wear or suffer issues due to frequent handling.

  1. Annual visual inspection.
  2. Annual safety testing and certification for compliance.
  3. Interior cleaning and check for water ingress.
  4. Annual firmware check and update if required.
  5. Peace of mind.

If you need advice about a faulty EV charging station, please get in touch with us. We provide installation, testing, and as authorised installers for the vast majority of leading EV charging point brands I can talk directly to the manufactures about repair replacement options.

Before you move forwards with installing your EV charging point its important to think about inspection and maintenance that may be required in order for the charging point to function effectively and without any safety concerns through out its life span.



EVHS 4740

WCS 4740

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