EICR testing in Warwickshire

Assessment of the electrical installation within a property.

EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report

The best way to determine your electrical installation is safe for continued use is to order an electrical inspection. This should be undertaken by a suitably qualified electrician who will conduct a visual inspection and carry out a series of tests.

In the UK this should be done at a maximum every 10 years for a domestic property, 5 years on a rented property or with a change of tenancy and more regularly for business premises.

On completion of the inspection, you will be sent a certificate that will either give a satisfactory report or unsatisfactory with recommendations on work that would need to be carried out.

The reporting system that I employee is computer-based so can be sent via email for printing and saving to your own PC if you would prefer a printed version that won’t be a problem this can be provided to your insurance and tenants which is a now a legal obligation.

How often should you get your electrics checked?


In a normal owner-occupier home this should be every 10 years.

Rented Property

For a rental property, you will require an electrical inspection every 5 years or the change of occupancy a visual inspection maybe sufficient within the 5-year period but this may have to been increased as the inspector deems appropriate.

Property Sales

A property should ideally be tested before being marketed or sold so that potential buyers know the condition of the electrics it could potentially speed up the sale.

When asking for your report for an inspection, use the correct terminology which is now “Electrical Installation Condition Report”. As there is a visual inspection report also available.

Consumer Unit Replacement

Your consumer unit or distribution board this hub for the incoming electricity into your home it provides vital safety coverage in order to protect you from electric shock, burns and the potential fire risk to your home should a fault condition arise.

Consumer units are divided into circuits which separately provides power to lighting, sockets, cooking appliances, electrical vehicle charges, fire alarms etc.

I pride myself on providing a bespoke consumer unit replacement service after more years than I profess to say installing everything from small sub-main boards for example you may find in a garage. Up to 400a three-phase industrial distribution boards. If you are worried about the state of your current consumer unit or you may have the old rewireable “fuse box” it may be time for an upgrade. I can give you free advice and quotes in order to upgrade your installation up to a modern standard with all its additional safety features.

I have wealth of knowledge and experience that can cater for every budget but will still bring your installation to be “18th Edition Compliant”

I only fit reputable high-quality brands of consumer unit with my go-to brand being Hager for homes and Schneider for commercial premises.

If you require we can also install surge protection devices an AFDD “Automatic Fire Detection Device” that are designed to protect circuits and equipment at another level, although not required in some situations at present I can see in the future that this will not be an option.


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